About Lodestar

Advanced Drilling Solutions

Lodestar’s focus is delivering the best downhole technology, accompanied with the most experienced service personnel in North America. Our expertise covers each of the key areas of successful drilling programs such as:

  • DWD – Dynamics While Drilling
  • High Frequency Data Collection
  • Downhole Drilling Dysfunction Date Acquisition and Modeling
  • Ability to collaborate with machine learning and modeling companies
  • Drilling Data Analysis
  • Critical Multi Point Data Acquisition
  • Tool and BHA Configuration Performance Validation
  • MWD Consultancy and Tools
  • Directional drilling consultancy and tools
  • Downhole Tool Mechanics and Dynamics Testing
  • Data Visualizations

Your Resource For Any Size Project

With our broad range of expertise, Lodestar is well positioned to help our clients with any size project — from the smallest project focused on a single area, such as high frequency dynamic data collection services, to larger projects which span across each of the above key areas of success. By employing the best and the most experienced personnel in North America, Lodestar can increase our customer’s opportunity for success as they venture into exploration and production of their precious reserves. With the best products and people, Lodestar is in a unique position to help our customers maximize their efficiency while reducing time, effort, and money.