Look for Lodestar at OTC 2016


The Offshore Technology Conference, held May 2–5, 2016 in Houston, Texas, is an exciting event for everyone in the energy industry. Suppliers will exhibit their innovative and advanced technology offerings while customers will look to expand their portfolios. With new technology being one of the most crucial elements in the current state of the industry, you can expect to see companies, like Lodestar International, offering technologies that provide superior services at lower costs.

Lodestar International is the global distribution partner for MicroPulse, an oil and gas product development team that creates rugged and reliable downhole electronics. At OTC 2016, Lodestar International will be presenting the commercialization of the new MicroPulse Apps platform.

MicroPulse Apps is a revolutionary open platform that allows users to develop and control their own firmware and applications on a downhole tool, allowing the customer to maintain the proprietary advantages of their system. This is the first app of its kind in the downhole market of the oil and gas industry.

MicroPulse helps focus and optimize the design effort, reducing technical risk in a project. With its included operating system, sensors and storage, users are able to quickly prototype both firmware and hardware applications.

User code can be written to read data and perform real time computations for the application, allowing the user to do everything from custom telemetry to advanced sensor analysis. Think of it as a downhole computer or an iPhone that you can program to do whatever you’d like; the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Stop by booth 8139 in the NRG Arena to meet the Lodestar team, and allow us to answer any questions you have about MicroPulse. Don’t miss this opportunity to see how you can use the MicroPulse technology to gain a competitive advantage in the industry.