OTC Day 1 Recap: Three Tips to Capitalize on Your Trip


Day 1 of OTC has wrapped up and day 2 is on the horizon. As usual, this year’s exhibitors are eager to share their newest technology to conference goers. Whether you’re a seasoned OTC veteran or a newcomer to the conference, here are three tips that are going to help you get the most out of your trip to the energy capital of the world.

Visit The NRG Arena

As an OTC goer you may be drawn to only visit the NRG Center, after all that is where most, if not all, of the major household oil and gas names can be found under one roof. You may realize that the technology on display is something that you’ve already seen or heard of. Here’s the tip, visit the NRG Arena.

The NRG Arena is where you’ll find the companies that you’ve never heard of, “why is this a good thing” you ask? Because they also have the technologies that you’ve never heard of before. Within those halls are all the small tech companies developing technologies that the industry has never seen, the products that are going to shape the future of oil and gas.

If you feel the shear amount of exhibitors is overwhelming and the technology you are looking for is a needle in the haystack, use the OTC 2016 App or the OTC Event map to pinpoint the companies you need to talk to.

Business cards and notes

If you are an exhibitor be sure to take notes of every person you speak with that's a positive lead. For example staple the leads business card in a notebook with notes of the conversation. Visitors:  don't be that guy be that guy! The guy who comes to the show with out any business cards or writes their contact info on someone else's business card.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

This seems like a no brainer but sometimes you forget just how much area you have to cover during your time at OTC! A pair of comfortable shoes is a sure way to make it out to all the exhibitors you are interested in. With over 2700 booths, you wouldn’t want aching feet to be the reason you miss out on the business opportunity of a lifetime.

Stop by the MicroPulse Booth

If you’re looking for the latest in downhole tool technology stop by the MicroPulse booth in the NRG Arena, booth 8139. Lodestar International is presenting the MicroPulse Apps platform which allows users to develop and control their own firmware or applications on a downhole module.