Looking for a Career in Oil & Gas?


Are you looking for a career in oil and gas?

Everyone knows it’s tough out there. From engineers to technicians, each job level in the oil and gas industry has experienced layoffs in 2015, and the outlook for the industry in 2016 isn’t completely promising either. Finding a job in oil and gas is difficult, but not impossible. Wells are still being drilled, which means there jobs are available.

The first question a hiring official will ask is, “What makes you different from every other candidate that applied?”

The Advice

Differentiate your self. Offer something that no one else has: a skill, an experience, or a competency.  The University of Highlands and Islands is now offering a Wellbore Surveying Competency Program.  The course content is a mixture of video lectures, interactive learning and simulation exercises, and it can be taken online.

This is the very first course of this nature ever offered. The course is supported and put together by some of the best leaders in the oil and gas industry. It would be an honor to be a inaugural graduate of this course. With top professor, Angus Jamieson, leading the course it is sure to be a very insightful experience, and most importantly, beneficial to your next job application.

Topics Covered in Wellbore Surveying Competency Program

Who Can Take the course?

The course is specifically designed for those in the drilling industry: MWD/LWD Engineers, Directional Drillers, Drilling Engineers, Reservoir Engineers, Well Planners, Geologist, and GeoSteerers.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and set your application apart from the crowd to advance your career, or start a new one!

Lodestar is a proud supporter and active member in The Industry Steering Committee for Wellbore Survey Accuracy (ISCWSA). Our Vice President of Directional Drilling, David Gibson, participates in the Education Sub-Committee and 1 of 5 on The University of the Highlands and Islands/SPE book ‘Introduction to Wellbore Positioning’ management group.

How Can I sign up?

To learn more, view the video below.  To submit an inquiry, please visit The University of Highlands and Islands’ website.