Completion Systems

Multi-stage fracturing is a critical part of any unconventional E&P program today. Lodestar International focuses on bringing our customers proven completion solutions that have been tested in some of the harshest unconventional reserves around the globe. We are also committed to supplying the right technology for the job in order to reduce our customer’s risk and cost while increasing their success rate in reaching their production targets. In order to do this, access to a wide portfolio of completion options is the key. With that in mind, Lodestar has developed completion tool systems ranging from the more traditional Plug-n-Perforation techniques to the more advanced Coil Tubing activated sliding sleeve systems.

  • LB PnP (Larger Bore Plug and Perforation) System    More Info   View Video
  • BDSS (Ball Drop Single Sleeve) System    More Info   View Video
  • BDMS (Ball Drop Multiple Sleeve) System    More Info   View Video
  • BD/CT (Ball Drop/Coil Tubing) Hybrid System    More Info   View Video
  • PCT (Pure Coil Tubing) System    More Info   View Video
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