BDSS (Ball Drop Single Sleeve) System

The BDSS system is a ball drop, sliding sleeve activation systems that allows for simple frac stage isolation in either open hole or cemented completion applications.

By incorporating the hydraulically actuated Launch sleeve in the first stage, time and safety risk are reduced as pressure opens the flow ports in the first port, reducing the need for perforation guns on location. Once the first zone has been opened and fracturing has completed, subsequent stages may be opened and fractured by dropping progressively larger balls.

The BDSS single stage ball drop design enables completions with up to 36 stages. In addition, high temperature and high pressure options allow for this system to be used in the harshest of all unconventional reserve environments.


Packer and sleeve combination provides for a simple open hole completion
Ball drop requires less intervention and complexity in the completion process
Reduces time and cost of completion as compared to plug and perforation completions
The hydraulically actuated Launch sleeve allows the initiation of circulation without perforation
Eliminates need for perforation gun on location


For sizes: 2-7/8” to 5-1/2” completions
Capable for High Temperature, High Pressure, vertical, or horizontal applications
This completion approach can be run as a tie back or incorporate a hanger packer
All components are designed to work in open hole or cemented completions
Ball seat design allows for up to 36 stages
Launch Hydraulic Sleeve

Launch Hydraulic Sleeve

For sizes: 3-1/2” to 5-1/2” Completions
Hydraulically Activated for First Zone Fracture
Field Adjustable Opening Pressure
Capable of High Temperature and High Pressure applications
Full Bore ID and Small OD for Easy Installation
Designed for Both Horizontal and Vertical Applications
BDSS Sleeve

BDSS Sleeve 

For sizes: 2-7/8” to 5-1/2” completions
Capable for High Temperature and High Pressure Applications
Internal Locking Mechanism to Ensure the Sleeve Remains in the Open Position after Activating
Field Adjustable Opening Pressure
Drillable Ball Seat; Full Bore after Drill-out
Designed for Open Hole or Cemented Applications
Single Element Packer

Single Element Packer

Single Setting Piston
Outer Components are Locked to Prevent Premature Setting
Internal Locking Mechanism
Field Adjustable Setting Pressure
Designed for Open Hole Applications
Works in Vertical and Horizontal Applications
Available In Premium Materials, Seals and Connections (HT, HP, Sour, etc.)